United Nations Tries to Save Face On Libya Occupation

August 30, 2011 – Infowars

The al-Qaeda vision for Libya was so stark and authoritarian that the globalists at the United Nations had to step in and save face.

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Earlier this month a 70-page plan drafted by al-Qaeda – called the National Transition Council by the corporate media – envisioned a rebel dominated security apparatus that would takeover cities and hunt down Gaddafi supporters. The plan was resourced and supported by the United Arab Emirates, according to The Times in London.

Round-ups and mass arrests, however, would not stop with Gaddafi supporters, writes Jason Ditz. “Indeed the plan also includes discussion of a new state radio network that will broadcast orders to the public to support the new government, and warning anti-Gaddafi factions that haven’t endorsed the new regime to stand down. The assumption in the report is that these factions, termed a ‘fifth column,’ would also be arrested. The new state media will of course be necessitated all the more by the NATO attacks on the existing media.”

After the report came out, the UAE said it regretted some of the recommendations. The Transitional Council – al-Qaeda – meanwhile vouched for its authenticity.

In order to make the globalist occupation of Libya more palatable, the United Nations has stepped in with plans for foreign “military observers” and UN-run elections.

Because the UN plan allows NATO to operate as it sees fit in Libya, the differences between the two plans may be purely academic.

Source: http://www.infowars.com/united-nations-tries-to-save-face-on-libya-occupation/