Behind the Mask: True Face of the United Nations as ISIS is Branded New Game Changer

Truth Sector – September 7, 2014

On September 6, 2014, for a brief moment the United Nations have once again taken off their fake humanitarian mask and have shown their real face – their real purpose and real owners, as they hypocritically condemned ISIS\ISIL.

In an UN News Centre update of that day the United Nations makes it quite clear who their actual bosses are and who it is truly existing for.

  • “The 15-member body [the UN Security Council] urged all countries in accordance with their obligations under international law to cooperate with the United States, Israel, and other relevant authorities“

The misguided member states of the UN – in the event that there are any since they all conspire anyway and all the time – are being fooled to once again join forces with those who have created 9/11: the US and Israeli governments. The UN members are now being asked to stand firmly behind the rogue twin-state and fascist leadership as they further shape their propaganda campaign in order to eventually invade the sovereign remnants of the Middle East and Africa.

By creating, funding and exploiting ISIS/ISIL now and Al Qaeda earlier the US, Israel and their UNEI alliance have already reshaped the Middle East successfully and extensively. All countries in the region are currently being forced to redraw their borders and identity as the UNEI proxy army – ISIS – gains territory. The borders are being redrawn in Israel’s favor for it is its proxy legion of doom that is securing new territories for its master, while the US is picking up the tab for the entire campaign.

The UN in its call to rally behind the rogue twin-state leadership is being heavily supported by western mainstream brainwash attempts of which countless are already available but of which a few stand out of the rest. One such piece is this Australian publication. It portrays the alleged current leader of ISIS as the new Osama bin Laden and it actually credits ISIS for “rewriting the rules of war“ while “September 11 was considered the game changer in the terrorism fight.

9/11 was indeed a game changer, never before since world war 2 has the global population been fed such horrendous lies, never before since then has reality been twisted so forcefully yet successfully.

Now that Al Qaeda and bin Laden have played their roles and are not drawing hyped up crowds any longer all eyes are being forced on the new all-round enemies, ISIS and its alleged leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This portraying and conditioning of the public perception is being repeated over and over and increasingly until the time is right for yet another 9/11-inside-job event, which is just around the corner:

  • Washington Times: “Some suggest he is the next Osama bin Laden but with his own expeditionary land force.“
  • National Review: “Meet the man who has replaced bin Laden as the leader of global jihadism. … This man is a true portrait of death … The group intends to export death westward. Its agenda is global.“
  • Telegraph: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: The world’s most wanted man“

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi however was reportedly arrested before by the US but somehow was released. Likely after making a deal with the CIA who still needed him to spread turmoil in the region, as ordered by Israel. This deal then led to the fake caliph at ISIS.

Still, if (un)confirmed reports of al-Baghdadi’s death should someday turn out to be true then this too will make the current propaganda look utterly stupid, just like what happened with the faked death of bin Laden in 2011 since he died in December of 2001.

At all costs will the media, the UN and its slave governments uphold the fantasy bubble. Thus, the ISIS leader can not die yet, even if he is dead already or never existed at all. It is an exact copy-paste tactic as during 9/11 in 2001 and in the aftermath thereof and as they are doing it with Boko Haram.