The Ebola Fraud 2014 Further Analyzed and Completely Exposed

Truth Sector – September 2, 2014

This report is an update and followup for: “Mainstream Media (BBC) Unknowingly Exposes UN/WHO Ebola Fear Mongering Propaganda Campaign

Two days ago, on August 31, I reported as the first and still only one about the proven deception regarding the current ebola outbreak that is falsely being branded as the largest in history.

As the seemingly very troubled alternative media refuses to and the corporative-mouthpiece mainstream media isn’t allowed to report on the already exposed ebola fraud of 2014 I will step u my efforts to further take down the entire ebola scam of this year because by now it has become more than obvious that the people – the general public – are being taken for a scary vaccine ride on the sidetracks of reality.

Earlier I documented how the World Health Organization was exposed by the BBC – of all players – for producing/fabricating FAKE ebola-related death figures for Gueckedou in Nzerekore, Guinea. Gueckedou is allegedly near or even in the epicenter of this year’s ebola outbreak but has “miraculously remained free of Ebola so far,” according to the BBC and its correspondent Alhassan Sillah. You may think that this is just a one-time and honest mistake that has occurred at the BBC headquarters but that is easily proven to not be the case. In fact the exact same sentence is reprinted in at least two different BBC articles, one being “Ebola outbreak: Senegal confirms first caseas described here and the other one being “Ebola: Guineans riot in Nzerekore over disinfectantas archived here. Both articles were published by the BBC on August 29, 2014.

However, where the BBC reports in one case that there “miraculously” is no ebola in the town of Gueckedou, located in the city of Nzerekore in Guinea, the BBC reports in a second case that the entire city (town) of Nzerekore – Guinea’s second-biggest city – “has miraculously remained free of Ebola so far.” Thus, it is easily proven that the official but FALSE narrative, as hatched by the United Nations and the World Health Organization brigands and as endlessly and desperately parroted by BOTH mainstream and alternative media outlets, is nothing but that… FABRICATED. Including the number of deaths of course, which is why this alleged outbreak can’t possibly be described as a spontaneous/natural outbreak nor the biggest in history.

More and more it is becoming clear and obvious that the current ebola wave was triggered on purpose, likely by US bio warfare guys in cooperation with the highest levels of global governance addict… the United Nations.

Several indications, including as described above, can attest that this fabricated 2014 ebola outbreak campaign is but a finalizing propaganda test run during which the final glitches are being addressed and tracked in order for a next ebola or other (zombie) virus campaign to be extremely effective in relation to the spreading of FALSE information and data and in relation to getting the necessary pharma players (production, distribution, funding) on the same page.

It really is no coincidence that the UN/WHO come up with a number such as 20,000 – possible infected persons when nothing is being done right now (as they say it) in this purposely triggered outbreak – the number not only instills fear and panic in the minds of common folks and corrupt, pervert heads of state and government – the number magically coincides with Japan’s delivery of 20,000 doses of Favipiravir to Nigeria (Nigeria to get Ebola drug from Japan). This indicates indeed that the number is being dropped in the media publications to on one hand justify and enforce more financial contributions from all governments and eventually the taxpayers themselves (who will eventually also finance their own fatal injections) and on the other hand to gradually pump up the fake death toll in order to keep the general public afraid enough so that the WHO and pharma companies can finally roll out a major and global vaccination program. The fact that Ghana is now being declared the new UN base from where the purposely triggered 2014 ebola outbreak will be further coordinated shows that the global ebola propaganda campaign of the UN is being taken to its next level.

From a Dutch medical journalist’s perspective though we get a good view from the other side of the real story/current situation and why exactly it is that the criminal UN/WHO are pushing forward their current ebola propaganda so hard. First of all, in his interview with professor Martin Grobusch the Dutch medical journalist Joost Visser concludes that a (natural) ebola epidemic is not possible in the Netherlands because “epidemics occur in communities where large groups of people come in contact  – unprotected – with body fluids of patients. We can rule this out 100% in the Netherlands.”

Still, what is much more interesting in the Dutch article of Joost Visser is the very last sentence:

  • “The WHO meanwhile brands the ebola outbreak an ‘international health crisis.’ This means that experimental resources [agents, vaccines, …] are allowed to be deployed.”

All of a sudden it becomes crystal clear why the United Nations and ALL its parrots in the mainstream and alternative channels are working overtime in their desperate efforts to make you believe that you should be awfully worried about the 2014 ebola outbreak, without telling you that it was triggered on purpose and that the death toll numbers are  FAKE. The more worried people are, the easier they will allow their governments to support, fund and roll out globalist “measures” even when these measures include enforced experimental vaccinations and “cures.” Which is why it is always advised to reread “What You Should REALLY Know About Parvo, Ebola and Vitamin C,” from time to time.

In addition, all of the reported suspected cases of ebola in Europe (Belgium, Sweden,…) have shown to be no cases of ebola at all, maybe except for the one in the UK which still is an advertising campaign for ZMapp, that is all mainstream-reported news by the way, yet the fear has been instilled in the general public and that was the sole purpose of those fear mongering reports in the first place.

So, when the ebola-related death numbers of Guinea (Gueckedou/Nzerekore) are fabricated by the UN and the WHO how much of the other numbers is real and factual? How many of those numbers have been crafted too by the WHO apparatchiks? On top of this the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and its freak show Laurie Garrett openly admit they want to scare you more in order to get everyone on the same fabricated ebola reality page.

Conclusion, once again it is all about the money and global governance promotion. It has in fact little or nothing to do with ebola itself nor with finding an official cure for it. Just milk the tax cows and control the slave herd.

Not entirely convinced yet about this?


What if I told you that at this very moment millions of people are being shown staged scenes of imaginary ebola cases, that right now there are ebola drills (Spain,…) going on that are being advertised and described as real cases and repatriations?

Here we have actual pictures and video footage released by the media [1, 2] with which they try to sell the story of a returning Spanish patient allegedly infected with ebola during his stay in Africa. The only problem is that the stretcher is EMPTY. It is EMPTY as they upload the imaginary patient into the ambulance at the airport and it is EMPTY when they arrive with the imaginary patient at the hospital. It is EMPTY because it was a drill!!

Leaving the airport (click photos to enlarge)…

ebola, spain, fake, drill

Arriving at the hospital…

ebola, spain, fake, drill