Banned by Twitter

December 14, 2013

twitter, suspended, censor, un, united nations brigandage

twitter, suspended, censor, un, united nations brigandage

The United Nations Brigandage website at was started on December 12, 2013, to provide the world with a clear summary of a growing number of factual cases that can prove that there is another side to the United Nations, a side that is not being addressed as a whole by the mainstream media, in schools and in politics. In this way the public is kept unaware of this second yet true image of the United Nations and its real intentions.

Though all our posts, and therefore the whole summary on our website, are based on factual publications and publicly available information, our  well-meant and honest intentions to inform the public have already been banned by Twitter after only 2 days of having an account at their website.

Since our posts and our summary are based on facts, we do not violate any laws or terms of use, anywhere.

Suspending our account and banning us from their website can therefore mean only one thing, Twitter is censoring the truth. Be it on their own terms or under pressure from a third party, whom ever that may be.

This gives more weight to the claims by certain members of the truth movement that “the Arab Spring” for example is indeed to a great extend a CIA/CFR inspired and funded series of events, for the countless Twitter accounts that are linked to these “movements” are responsible for spreading false information and for calling for violence. This is the complete opposite of our intentions. We do not spread false information and we certainly do not call for violence with our well-meant and honest intentions.

Obviously it is a fact that our intentions don’t require Twitter in order to be able to continue. Our mission of providing the public with a valuable service shall go on whether with or without them, their website is merely a free-of-charge venue.

Still, it is remarkable that when an organization that sees itself as the highest in rank on the public and covert scene, the United Nations, is being criticized, suddenly the censorship is activated.

That censorship is therefore solid proof of the fact that the UN doesn’t tolerate criticism, that they are not a transparent enterprise and that they are not involved in real peace. Along the way, unfortunately, we encounter organizations and venues such as Twitter who seem to be afraid of or submissive to this dictatorial global governance entity.

It is exactly therefore that we must and shall continue our task of providing the public with the truth about the United Nations’ brigandage.