The Whistleblower – The Truth About the United Nations

UN Peacekeepers and Human Trafficking

January 15, 2012 – The Guardian

The Whistleblower is a shocking film that reveals how Balkan peacekeepers turned a blind eye to kidnapping, torture and rape. But these abuses still go on.

We do not see the torture inflicted on one girl for trying to flee her captors, but we see the tears of her fellow slaves forced to watch. We see the iron bar tossed on to the cellar floor when the punishment is over, and we know what has happened.

The Whistleblower spares you little. It is a film about that most depraved of crimes: trafficking women for enslaved sex, rape and even murder.

As a dramatised portrayal of reality, however, The Whistleblower is “a day at the beach compared to what happened in real life”, says its director, Larysa Kondracki. “We show what is just about permissible to show. We couldn’t possibly include the three-week desensitisation period, when they burn the girls in particular places. We couldn’t really capture the hopelessness of life these women are subjected to.”

Starring Rachel Weisz, The Whistleblower, released tomorrow on DVD, is the most searing drama-documentary of recent years and has won many prizes. But more important than the accolades is that everything in the film is true. The film deals with enslavement and rape in Bosnia, not during wartime 20 years ago but during the peace. Worse, not only were the enslaved women’s “clients” soldiers and police officers – so too were the traffickers, protected at the top of the United Nations operation in Bosnia.

Such was the crisis sparked by the ensuing film last year that the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, was obliged in October to stage a special screening and to pledge action. But now it emerges that senior UN officials tried to belittle the film and play it down, while the whistleblower herself warns that, for all the UN’s professed resolve, “unfortunately, the widespread horror is already there. This is not going to be simple or a quick fix.”

Moreover, the UN has shut down effective anti-trafficking initiatives by its own gender affairs chief in Bosnia.

Kathryn Bolkovac, from Nebraska, was sacked by Dyncorp of Virginia, to which peacekeeping police work in Bosnia had been outsourced; her employer claimed she had filed erroneous time-sheets, but was challenged by Bolkovac and overruled by a British employment tribunal in 2002.

Speaking to the Observer last week, Bolkovac said: “The thing that stood out about these cases in Bosnia, and cases that have been reported in other [UN] mission areas, is … that police and humanitarian workers were frequently involved in not only the facilitation of forced sexual abuse, and the use of children and young women in brothels, but in many instances became involved in the trade by racketeering, bribery and outright falsifying of documents as part of a broader criminal syndicate.”


The Whistleblower

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In Bosnia in 1999, Kathryn Bolkovac, a U.N. peacekeeper whose post with the Intl. Police Task Force was arranged by DynCorp Inc., is assigned to run the IPTF office that investigates sex trafficking, domestic abuse and sexual assault. She ultimately alleges that peacekeepers, U.N. workers and international police are visiting brothels and facilitating sex trafficking by forging documents and aiding the illegal transport of woman into Bosnia. DynCorp responds by firing Bolkovac, who returns to the U.S. and files a wrongful termination case. She wins the suit but says she’s still blacklisted.

UN “Peacekeeping” Troops Face Scandals on Sex Crimes, Corruption

October 15, 2013 – New American

United Nations so-called “peacekeeping” troops are once again at the center of global outrage. Among other scandals, the UN and forces under its command are facing lawsuits and fresh waves of criticism for everything from corruption and lawlessness to spreading deadly diseases and even sexually abusing civilian populations in countries they occupy — an ongoing problem with UN troops that has been documented around the world. The UN, however, claims to be essentially immune, sparking further anger as thousands of Haitians continue to die from cholera spread by its “peace” forces.

In recent days and weeks, scandal-plagued UN war-making forces — dubbed “peacekeepers” in an Orwellian example of deceptive doublespeak — have faced accusations on three primary fronts. The first is a lawsuit filed in U.S. courts noting that the global entity’s soldiers were responsible for a ferocious outbreak of cholera in Haiti that has claimed almost 10,000 lives so far. Then there is a new report outlining widespread corruption within the organization’s forces and the lack of accountability.

Finally, fresh accusations of UN troops raping and sexually exploiting civilians in occupied nations — a common occurrence, as The New American and countless other sources have documented — emerged out of Mali. So-called “blue helmets” with the UN “peacekeeping” mission in the war-torn nation, dubbed the “United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali” (MINUSMA), for example, have been accused of rape and other serious misconduct.

The UN, which has more than 6,000 troops and self-styled “police” in Mali after rebels in the north declared independence and a coup unseated the regime in the capital city Bamako, acknowledged the accusations and claimed to be acting on them. A spokesman for the dictator-dominated planetary entity also alleged that the UN mission worked to preserve evidence and assist victims, implausibly claiming that there was “zero tolerance” for sexual abuse perpetrated by its forces.

“The Secretary-General is treating this matter with the utmost seriousness and, in line with established procedure, is in the process of notifying the troop contributing countries,” UN boss Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman, Martin Nesirky, told a news briefing in New York late last month. “The troop contributing country has primary responsibility for investigating the matter and ensuring that appropriate disciplinary and judicial measures are taken should the allegations be well founded.”

The spokesman continued by offering the usual platitudes aimed at boosting the UN’s embattled image. “The UN Mission in Mali is committed to the highest standards of conduct by all its personnel, military, police and civilian,” he claimed. “The Secretary-General has a policy of zero tolerance for any form of sexual exploitation and abuse, and will do everything possible to see that a thorough process of investigation and, as appropriate, accountability takes place.”

Despite those soothing statements, it is not the first time that UN-backed forces have been accused of atrocities in Mali. In fact, earlier this year, after the global body purported to “authorize” an international invasion of the country, troops supported by the Obama administration, the Socialist French government, and the UN were implicated in summary executions and mass human rights abuses targeting innocent civilians.

The atrocities in Mali, though, follow a long pattern of UN troops or fighters backed by the global entity perpetrating horrific crimes. Among the more recent examples that could be cited is Libya. There, foreign powers fighting under a UN “mandate” bombed civilians, destroyed civil infrastructure, and more — in addition to overtly supporting al-Qaeda-linked jihadists implicated in ethnic cleansing of blacks, torture, mass murder, and other war crimes. The nation is still in chaos.

In the Ivory Coast before that, the UN and the French government — again with full support from the Obama administration — backed brutal Islamist militias to overthrow the Christian president of the country. After the disputed election, the Supreme Court ruled that the existing Christian president won, but the UN, France, and Obama disagreed, waging a brutal war to install a Muslim central banker as president in a campaign that left thousands of innocent Christians massacred throughout the country. In official U.S. documents released by WikiLeaks, UN troops were also exposed raping young Ivorian girls.

In 2010, meanwhile, anger was growing after “peacekeeping” forces under UN command and troops backed by the global body were accused by human rights groups of raping, pillaging, and massacring civilians from Somalia to the Congo. According to news reports, officials, aid organizations, and even a UN-backed “Group of Experts,” the planetary entity was sponsoring carnage and savagery on a massive scale. Even the reliably pro-establishment Associated Press covered the horrors in an article entitled “UN-Backed Congo Troops Killing, Raping Civilians.”