UN “Peace” Forces in Haiti Prey on Civilians, Children

The New AmericanKathie Klarreich – February 18, 2015

Rather than protecting local civilians, United Nations “peacekeeping” forces in Haiti are behaving as ruthless predators that systematically prey on Haitians, raping and sexually abusing even children with impunity, according to a new report detailing the horrors. Instead of dealing with the ghastly and systemic abuses perpetrated under its latest decade-long occupation, UN military officials seek to cover it up and even retaliate against whistleblowers. On top of that, the global outfit’s “peace” armies have been spreading deadly diseases among the traumatized population — particularly cholera, which has killed almost 10,000 Haitians so far. All the while, the UN continues to avoid any semblance of accountability under the guise of “immunity.

According to the report, when UN peacekeepers were not partying and enjoying themselves at the beach, partly at U.S. taxpayer expense, many of them were sexually exploiting children, trafficking drugs, hiring prostitutes, and more. “For less than $5, the Sri Lankan soldiers exploited the very population they were sent to safeguard,” wrote investigative journalist Kathie Klarreich. “They conveniently disregarded the trampled condition of the fence surrounding their military base so that Haitian boys and girls could crawl under and over it, which they did with great frequency. In their wake, they left behind condoms, which were noted by UN investigators when they finally cracked down on the security breach and the flagrant violation of UN policy.”

The UN, of course, knew full well what its “peace” troops were engaged in. Klarreich describes a team of UN investigators who investigated the UN’s Sri Lankan troops in Haiti and “found that transactional sex among the peacekeepers was rampant.” Over the years, Klarreich reported, “rotating peacekeepers from Sri Lanka gave the new recruits the SIM cards that held the names and numbers of those willing to engage in sex, including boys and girls just entering their teens.” Often they met in the UN military base, other times they raped children in UN vehicles, with fellow UN soldiers keeping a lookout from the UN’s observation tower, according to a UN investigator cited in Klarreich’s chilling investigation.

“Transactional sex with peacekeepers isn’t new, nor is sexual exploitation and abuse — S.E.A., in UN jargon,” Klarreich reported. “The first widespread exposure of the practice, including exploitation of children, pornography, trafficking and sexual assault, occurred in the early 1990s. Then there was the sex-trafficking in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Kosovo.”


Haiti Cholera Epidemic Blamed On UN Peacekeepers

October 9, 2013 – Inquisitr

The Haiti cholera epidemic is being blamed on United Nations peacekeepers. A lawsuit filed in Manhattan’s Federal District Court accuses UN workers of bringing the disease into the country.

Officials said Haiti was free of the disease for nearly 100 years. In 2010, the devastating disease reemerged. Within three years, more than 650,000 residents were sickened and 8,300 were dead.

Officials with the UN ordered forensic testing to identify the source. It was determined that several members of the UN peacekeeping force entered Haiti while infected with the disease.

As reported by New York Times, the lawsuit also claims the Nepalese UN peacekeeper base contributed to spreading the disease. A flawed sanitation system carried raw sewage into a tributary, which leads to Haiti’s biggest river.

The river is a source of water for bathing, cooking, and drinking. Officials believe the river was contaminated by the sewage.

The Haiti cholera outbreak has slowed. However, it is still killing nearly 1,000 residents each year. Haiti’s prime minister, Laurent Lamothe, said the UN has a “moral responsibility” to accept blame for the situation.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay admits the victims deserve compensation. However, she did not go into detail about when or how the victims would be provided relief.

As reported by Reuters, the Institute for Justice and Democracy petitioned the UN for compensation in 2011. The petition demanded $50,000 for each victim who fell ill, and $100,000 to families of those who lost their lives.

The petition was denied “pursuant to Section 29 of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities.” Section 29 outlines diplomatic immunity.

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/985891/haiti-cholera-epidemic-blamed-on-un-peacekeepers/