United Nations Involved in Measles Vaccine Deaths in Syria

Truth Sector – September 20, 2014

We have been down this road several times already [1, 2]. We know the United Nations can not be trusted with medical equipment, let alone with vaccines. The UN its population control/reduction agenda and the proven fraudulent ebola outbreak are perfect proof of that.

Now in a latest event in Syria the United Nations, the World Health Organization and UNICEF, are once again involved in a dubious vaccination program where dozens of children have already died from their measles shots.

This is not surprising for an organization that is known for raping children and trafficking women for sex slavery.

What is also not surprising but is a very cheap shot though is that they now want to blame Assad for it.

  • Newsweek: they suspected a “security breach by vandals” associated with the government of Bashar al-Assad.

See, this is exactly how foreign oppressors and invaders try to win the war that they cannot win and have declared themselves upon the people of Syria.

The UN and the UNEI alliance know that they will never be able to destroy the Middle East, including Syria, in the conventional way, in a fight. The people their minds there are just too strong and thus the foreign alliance of child traffickers is now trying different methods as they desperately try to oust Assad.

This latest trick is cheap, very cheap and it shows just how desperate the UN, the US, the EU, NATO and Israel really are. It shows that they really are and behave like animals, true barbarians.